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This was really interesting, I played kurzgesagt's reading of the egg along with this

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I watched their video a while ago, it's definitely the most beautiful rendition of the story I've seen (and I've seen a lot.)






How to interact?QVQ


The game can be played with a mouse and the left button. It should also work with WASD or arrow keys and the space bar, but I'd recommend using a mouse for a smoother experience.

Gorgeous story set in a simple yet ethereal setting. The point and click style really lends itself well to this story, to give the player time to contemplate. I really enjoyed the mystical ambiance! 

Thanks for your kind words!

Amazing game, the story was really good. Also, I like the idea of using lights as a guide for the player, it keeps everything simple and doesn't add more elements to the scene.


Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback :)

Such a fantastic short story and very well executed as an interactive game. Thank-you!

Thanks for your kind words :)

Does it need an update?  Won't run on my MacBook running Mac OS 10.13.4 High Sierra.

I know this version  of macOS broke a lot of things, so yes, it's possible the game isn't compatible with it. Thanks for reporting this, I'll investigate the issue with the developer of the engine. Could you provide any additional information? Does it crash at launch, do you get a specific error?

As you can see, I'm told the application may be damaged, and in the Finder it shows the circle-bar symbol over the app.

My bad, it seems like I totally botched the previous update and some files are missing from the macOS folder, possibly because of a file export problem. My guess is Mac users of the first version weren't affected because Itch's update system didn't remove said files. This is actually good timing because I was about to release a new version with a Dutch translation and a few minor tweaks. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll release a fix in a day or so.


Nice! I really enjoyed this experience :D
And I'm quite impressed to see what is possible with "RPG in a box"! :D


Thanks, glad you liked it :) RPG in a Box evolved quite a bit since The Egg, and it keeps getting better. It's perfect for any kind of voxel-based adventure/point & click/walking simulator, and very beginner-friendly.

I liked it! :D

The tedium of this game exhausted me but I understood that the walking-pauses were allowing for contemplation of each point.
My favorite part was when the original stage comes back into frame, contextualizing the information that was just received.

That was a crazy expereince

Hello! How to contact you by email about it? :)

Hi, try i dot love dot spam at lectronice dot com.


This game was fantastic with an amazing ending. Had a little glitch but no problems still a great game :)